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Private Voice Lessons

Drawing from his rich performance experience, Vincent infuses his private voice lessons with an unwavering knowledge of vocal pedagogy guided by emotion, imagery, and deep musical expression. His teaching style centers around connecting technique with text, creating the beauty and ease of tone. As a dedicated instructor, he nurtures each student's artistic growth, fostering a supportive and encouraging learning environment for singers to discover their true voice.

Throughout his 15 years of training, he has studied and learned from exceptional technicians and artists, including Lorraine Nubar, Carol Vaness, Tim Noble, Bradley Williams, Gerald Martin Moore, Dr. Robert White, Donnata D'annuzio Lombardi, Marlena Malas, and Neil Schicoff.

Vincent inspires his students to explore the full potential of their voices, guiding them on a transformative musical journey. Students not only develop enhanced vocal ability but also acquire the skills and techniques necessary for a singing career in the real world. They learn to discover their unique expression and the profound emotional connection that music can foster under his caring and inspiring guidance.

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